Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How I purchased a DSLR camera in Canada or my new Canon T3

As I mentioned in my previous posts I was looking for a new camera long time. Buying a new digital camera was not a case. I decided to go in SLR shooting. As market of DSLR cameras has no so many choices, I was deciding between Canon and Nikon. I decided that I do not need expensive camera as I have no experience in SLR shooting. So my choice narrowed down to Nikon 3100 and Canon T3 which are starting points in SLR cameras. Another factor for me was image stabilization. Nikon 3100 with 18-55 mm VR lenses was for $480 and Canon T3 with a similar lenses was for $499. I decided to wait for discount season. Discount season in Canada and the US differs. Therefore, I had two chances: Black Friday of the US and Boxing Day of Canada. From my experience I know that Black Friday deals are more favourable for customers. So, I waited for Black Friday of 2013 which fell on November 29, 2013. Actually most of the retailer started offering discounts from Monday. Walmart offered Canon T3 with DC (non-IS) for $300 starting couple weeks before. However, I was looking for IS lenses. With IS lenses the price was $380. Decided to wait. The next offer came from Staples they were selling Canon T3 with 18-55mm IS lenses for $350. Price of Nikon 3100 with the similar lenses was $380. I decided to act. I visited Staples and bought a camera and additional 50 mm lenses for $130. 50 mm lens is good for portrait shooting. Do you believe my story ends here? No, not at all. As an accountant I decided to look at prices and see any fluctuations. When I came back home I noticed that amazon.ca sells 50 mm lens for $110. I printed the web page and went back to Staples for a price match. Staples refunded me $20. The next day afternoon when I checked price of the camera at the office I noticed that amazon.ca sells it for $330. Again I printed the web page, however, when I left the office the price went up to $350. Anyway I decided to give a visit to Staples with my proof in hands. What you think? They refunded me $20. So I bought Canon T3 with 18-55 mm IS lens and 50 mm lens for $440. My saving is $180 or 35%. Is that amazing?! So wait from me for pictures with better quality!

And here is some picture I took on this camera:

Forest at our neighbourhood 
My son Murad

Find me))

Still life
Finally got their Christmas tree
P.S. December 13, 2013 received Target's flyer at home. Canon T3 with IS lenses are for sale $300. Price match at Staples is 14 days only and as I bought my camera November 27th, 14 days was not working for me. However, I decided to make a visit to Staples. I said to manager that I am aware that 14 days passed but Target sells the same camera for $30 less. She said sorry but we cannot do anything. My next question made her to think. I asked : "Would you prefer me to return the camera and buy it from Target? Staples has 30 days return policy!". So, she decided to refund my $30. So, my final cost of  Canon T3 with 18-55 mm IS lens and 50 mm lens is $410. Is that cool?!))) Looking at offers from other retailers as my 30 days is still valid)))

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