Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Our new purchase or Apple forever

Last evening UPS delivered following beauty to us:

This is MacBook Pro. It is not secret to my friends here that I am Apple fun. And last years Windows with it's slowness and bugs made me to decide purchasing MacBook Pro as a home computer. My old one was Asus Ee PC, which is netbook. It served me more than 3 years and it is still working, but now it reminds me last days of old man. Slow, hardly breathing... RIP.

The new MacBook will allow me to be more flexible in editing family pictures and videos. Unfortunately with my old one I was limited to it's abilities. But the new one is very strong machine. 13.3-inch MacBook Pro, 2.6GHz Dual-core Intel Core i5, 8 Gb RAM with Retina Display. Cool! I am excited!

I used to believe that switching from Windows to Mac is painful. Not at all!!! Mac is more comfortable and fast than Windows machines.

So, after purchasing a DSLR camera you will get more quality in my future posts. By the way above pictures taken on my iPhone 4s.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Scam city or pharmacy in Canada

I already mentioned about medical services in Canada here. Today I would like to write down about pharmacy in Canada. First I would like to mention that it differs from pharmacies in Azerbaijan or other post-Soviet Union countries. If you are free to by any medicine (except some strong analgesics and addictive drugs) in Azerbaijan, in Canada you need to have a prescription for most of medicines (except usual analgesics, sprays and etc.). And my frustration is coming from prescribed medicines. I had several times visited pharmacies here. Pharmacies are not usual drug stores that post-Soviet Union people are used to know. Pharmacies in Canada employs several pharmacists, who are extremely "busy". What they do? They do nothing to add value.

Let's cool down and be clear. I will write down step by step. First you get you prescription from your doctor and visit a pharmacist, where you leave your prescription, contact details at drop-in. After an hour you get your medicines with with fancy sticker on it and a paper with information about a medicine. Sticker has your name, doctor's name, dosage, expiry date on it. Do I need them? Not at all! Am I so stupid that, I cannot read prescription and remember what my doctor advised me? I do not believe so!  Can I get an expiry date from package of the medicine? Exactly I can! Do I need a paper printed from Internet about the medicine? Not at all! If I need more info google is more helpful!

You may ask why I am so angry to pharmacies. Because they make money on me. I am overpaying for a medicine for several times. For example, during my last visit to pharmacist I bought Nasonex spray from them for $44.20. Below is copy of the receipt:

As I used to buy this medicine in Azerbaijan, I remember that it costs not more that $20. And here in Canada you can find the same medicine online for $24. As I needed the spay as soon as possible, waiting my order to be delivered from online shop was not an option for me. So I had no choice but to buy it from the pharmacist. And a question, why it is almost twice expensive? Why I should pay twice more? Because pharmacist is making money on me! 

During my previous visit they sold me anti-biotic which cost not more that $30 for $70. They opened the medicine and mixed it with water for me. Am I an idiot? Cannot I read the instruction of the medicine and mix it myself? We used to mix our medicine our self and you do not need to be a genius to make it! In honest language it called SCAM. I understand that some old people may need help with their medicines. And let pharmacists to help them. Why I have to buy their service? WHY? I should have a choice. I should not pay for a service do not need and overpriced...