Friday, August 2, 2013

Servus Credit Union - my workplace

As I noticed before one of the reasons why we moved to Edmonton is my new job. Currently I am employed by Servus Credit Union. Being honest as a structure credit union was for me a new discovery. Before I have never faced with cooperatives in financial institution. I am not going to write down about credit union, so you can google it. But I would like to show you where I work.
Servus Credit Union headquarter
I am very interested in architecture and internal design and this building really impressed me. Everything in this building is designed to provide you with comfort in your workplace. And this my actual working space:

In addition to having fabulous building, our office located in one of the most green places in Edmonton. I am walking around during my lunch breaks and here is some picture I captured:

So you may notice that the office very close to nature. I am not posting picture of geese as they could be very aggressive. I try to avoid them here)).

Have a great weekend!