Friday, August 9, 2013

Free admission to Edmonton's Recreation Facilities & Attractions for newcomers

As I noticed before I am swimmer by nature. I love swimming and trying to swim as much as my shoulder allows me. I used to swim in Calgary with my boss who is planning to attend triathlon in future. After our move to Edmonton I started looking for a swimming pool matching my needs. My first impression was swimming in Edmonton is expensive than Calgary. I used to pay $5.60 per drop-in in Calgary, here I am paying $10.50. You feel the difference? For an accountant it means 87.5% increase in sport expenses. So I started finding legal ways to reduce this cost. And during my searches I found Leisure Access Program which offers free access to leisure centers for newcomers during their first year. You can read about it here. Hope it will be helpful for prospective immigrants planning to land in Edmonton.

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