Thursday, August 29, 2013

Getting older or today I am 31

It does not mean that my new goal is purchasing a plane)))

I am getting old. Today I am 31. As I wrote a year ago, I usually have mixed feelings on my birthdays. I try to look at the past and make some kind of analysis. A year ago I was satisfied that I reached to my two major strategic goals (CPA and Canada). But now I am looking back and thinking "Did I set right gaols?"... Before immigration I never thought that I am so patriot... But here patriotism became stronger. My friends and my wife noticed it several times. I am always proud that I am a Turk. But never valued customs and culture we have. Started feeling that I am turning to a very conservative person. And that is major sign of old ages...)))
Now is the positive part:

"Today is my birthday, a special day,
 Just for me, just for me,
 Today is my birthday a special day,
 So come everybody sing with me.

 My friends will come, we’ll dance and play,
 And have a lot of fun,
 The sun is out
 And I am glad,
 My day has just begun!"

It is a song from BabyTV my kids love it and we listen it very often. Singing it from this morning...))))

P.S. Today Morning I got an e-mail from Ernst&Young again. It made me happy. Eighth time they congratulate me on my birthday! Amazing)))) Thanks to great company made by great people!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Just a picture

Decided to share it. It brings lots of positive for me. I took this picture at Happy Acres U-Pick today afternoon. Hope will add some positive to your mood as well.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Skype vs Viber

As an immigrant living in Canada and having strong ties with Azerbaijan I am using mobile application to contact to my family there. I have iPhone 4s and it was interesting for me which free call application uses mobile data less. During a working day I have no access to wi-fi so I need to use mobile data for a call. The major players in the market is Skype and Viber right now. So I made small research and found out that Skype uses 4 times more data than Viber. Holy cow!!! I was shocked. This comparison is Skype to Skype and Viber to Viber voice calls only. You can check it yourself at Skype's official and Viber's fun websites. For me both have the same connection quality. Then why to pay more?! 
Everybody knows Skype. But Viber, it is a new application and it breathes down Skype's neck right now. They just introduced PC and Mac application for video calls. Hope to get video calls in iPhone app as well. Below is introduction of Viber Desktop.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Free admission to Edmonton's Recreation Facilities & Attractions for newcomers

As I noticed before I am swimmer by nature. I love swimming and trying to swim as much as my shoulder allows me. I used to swim in Calgary with my boss who is planning to attend triathlon in future. After our move to Edmonton I started looking for a swimming pool matching my needs. My first impression was swimming in Edmonton is expensive than Calgary. I used to pay $5.60 per drop-in in Calgary, here I am paying $10.50. You feel the difference? For an accountant it means 87.5% increase in sport expenses. So I started finding legal ways to reduce this cost. And during my searches I found Leisure Access Program which offers free access to leisure centers for newcomers during their first year. You can read about it here. Hope it will be helpful for prospective immigrants planning to land in Edmonton.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Edmonton then and now or history of Edmonton

Just found a website which has pictures of Edmonton from early 20th centure with comparision to current ones. History was always interesting for me. So, decided to share. Hope you will like it as well.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Servus Credit Union - my workplace

As I noticed before one of the reasons why we moved to Edmonton is my new job. Currently I am employed by Servus Credit Union. Being honest as a structure credit union was for me a new discovery. Before I have never faced with cooperatives in financial institution. I am not going to write down about credit union, so you can google it. But I would like to show you where I work.
Servus Credit Union headquarter
I am very interested in architecture and internal design and this building really impressed me. Everything in this building is designed to provide you with comfort in your workplace. And this my actual working space:

In addition to having fabulous building, our office located in one of the most green places in Edmonton. I am walking around during my lunch breaks and here is some picture I captured:

So you may notice that the office very close to nature. I am not posting picture of geese as they could be very aggressive. I try to avoid them here)).

Have a great weekend!