Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Changing Calgary to Edmonton or new job and new life

So, as I promised there was a silence before the storm in my blog. Actually our life totally changed during last three months. I will try to keep consequence and write down what has happened.

I always say that being an engineer is better than being an accountant. If your employer faces any financial difficulties an engineer will not feel it, but an accountant will. So, from beginning of 2013 there was obvious that everything is not going as was planned at the company I was employed. And in the middle of March I predicted upcoming lay-offs. As I was one of the highly qualified employees which company does not need to pay when there is no business case, I was aware that I will be one of the first laid-off persons. Moreover I was employed in the company less than a year, which made me more vulnerable. After long stressful waiting on April 09, 2013 I saw the president in my office along with HR. First time in my life I was laid-off. The most surprising things happened on that day. First of all when the president was passing me the letter he almost cried. I was not able to understand his reaction. I am an accountant and I was aware what is happening and I was ready to be laid-off. Based on his emotion I was expected to start crying and yelling. But for his big surprise I was relaxed. The next surprise was when I started handling paperwork to the CFO. Owner of the company asked him "what is this guy doing here? he just was laid-off, why he is here?". As a professional I always hand over my paperwork when I leave the company. I never left anything in half way. I do this because I respect myself at least. So, based on my first experience being laid-off, I was expected to cry and leave my office as soon as possible. I do not believe that job costs losing my face. Anyway, I will not accept Canadian rules of being laid-off and will keep my own ones in future ))).

The next step was a job hunting. Actually I started it before the lay-off. But was not lucky to find it before these processes. As I mentioned in my previous post me and my wife was somehow regretting that we moved to Calgary. That is why we decided to have a look at Edmonton's job market as well. Being honest I just contacted my old friends from a recruiting firm - David Aplin. I would with great confidence advice Edmonton team of David Aplin to anyone who is looking for a job in finance area. Doug Bristow, Patricia Gawlik, Declan Bird are really supportive and reliable members of this team. Let’s return to my job hunting. In Calgary I have contacted everybody I know and all major players of the recruiting industry. However, luck came from Edmonton. Doug from David Aplin organized for me several interviews and one of them was phone interview with Servus Credit Union. They were looking for someone to assist them during budgeting season. It was a temporary position with probability of turning to permanent. So they liked me and they offered me six months contract for a senior financial analyst position starting from June 24th. I accepted it with a great pleasure. So during this three months I was first time in my life laid-off and was my longest unemployment two and half months. Even when I just immigrated I found a job after two weeks of job hunting.

So as you noticed my new work place is located in Edmonton. The next important step was moving back to Edmonton. I hate moving, it is really hard process and I do not believe that I have right to have this process for my family often. But really big thanks to my wife who always support me. I feel her breath on my back always. I am very lucky person to have such good wife. So, I gave a notice to my landlord and started looking for a house in Edmonton. Being honest I was shocked when noticed that rent payments are so high for the separate houses. Therefore, I focused only on townhouses. There were two criteria for my search: south part of the city and new building. But I noticed an old townhouse in Millwoods, Edmonton which was just renovated. It is very close to my new job and area where our friends live. And it is very large which is good for my kids. Therefore, we decided to rent this townhouse.Here it is:

Finally on June 30, 2013 we moved to Edmonton. The moving day was birthday of my wife. Looks like I messed up her day. I always criticize myself. And such a major changes in our life usually hard step for me. I feel guilty that I cause such a discomfort for my family.(((

Anyway now I am employed at Servus Credit Union as a senior financial analyst and we live in Millwods, Edmonton. My kids are happy as they started playing with other Azerbaijani kids who understand them. We are happy as well. We do not feel alone anymore. In Calgary we had such feeling.

As regards Calgary, during the period we were busy by moving there was a flood in the city. Couple days before the flood the weather was stormy. I have never seen such a disaster. Almost half of the city was under water. The surprise for me was how city managed the situation. There was no panic or rush. Everything was planned ahead and acted perfectly. Great thanks to Naheed Nenshi for that. However, lots of people lost their houses=investments. Most of them had no flood insurance. One of my friends was also pushed out from his house during the flood. Fortunately his house was not affected by the flood. God bless Calgarians!