Monday, January 7, 2013

The art of pick-pocketing: Apollo Robins

As a guy who grew up in a big city like Baku, I faced with pick-pocketing. 2 guys stolen my cell phone when I was 20. So, when I read an article about Apollo Robins I was astonished. This guy is a "professionalpickpocket. He is best known pickpocket in the world. But what makes him different? He is smart enough and he started making money on his abilities, but not by stealing. He made a show! He earns money by showing people how he is "professional" pickpocket... Smart enough! Why to risk by stealing when people pays you to watch how you steal?! 
Adam Green, a journalist at The New Yorker prepared an interview with Robin and published it. Below is a video, Apollo demonstrates some of his tricks and techniques, using Green as his victim:

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