Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Issues faced immigrants or good point from my old friend

Today morning read a post on my friend's blog who lives in Sydney, Australia. He moved there to continue his education and stayed there. His name Aydin Salimov and we used to work together at Ernst&Young. I remember how I was happy when heard that he decided to move out from Azerbaijan. He did it before me, which caused some kind of envy feelings for me. )))

So, in his post he describes a situation where I am in now. When you are starting limiting yourself in some kind of circle, which makes your adaptation very difficult. Aydin suggests to COMMUNICATE in order to have a chance to be part of the society where you live. Very interesting post for me and I believe that it may be helpful for other newcomers. Below is the text of his post named "Acute Ego or A Migrant's Adaptation":

More often than not, the migrants I have met dream of moving back to where they came from. A part of this stems from the nostalgic feelings about childhood, family and friends left behind, etc. But another – bigger – part comes from the alienation (or self-alienation) within the new location and new society. But believe me, it does not take too much to bypass this monster and make your way to a happy new life. Here are some suggestions for you.
First, let me say a couple of words on why alienation is a killer. There are people who think that living on solo is normal, since “it is not the place and society that they grew up in”. Others say “I am a loner by personality anyway”, and try to go on. Third category limits themselves to a circle of migrants like themselves. Tho a step ahead of the others, these fellows are running on a knife edge, too. And then, there are ones who consider the locals to be of a lower intellectual capability and would not want to decrement to their level.
In whatever category you are, believe me, you are massively risking your “migration career”. If you don’t believe me, ask the ones who moved back.
From my experience and observation, the key to a successful life in a new society, new country, new continent is COMMUNICATION. It comes ahead of finding a source of income, place to live in, a good school for the kids and a thousand other things that are considered to be vital. As a matter of fact, a good communication can help settle all of the mentioned, with much less stress. And it will ensure a long and happy migrant life.
Now, the question is where/with whom to communicate. I will give you some ideas below.
1. A student, or anyone who has anything to do with a university. You are the luckiest one. These days unis concentrate more on making the lives for the students easier, rather than academic excellence. If you are not in at least one university society, then… Well, you better be. Whatever your interest is, there are clubs and societies for you. At least, do some sports, or go for “social sports” on the weekends. Drop in your student union’s office at least once a week to keep a track of the developments. And read on :)
2. Clubbing/Pubbing. Pick one depending on your age. Drop by for a drink. That drink does not need to be alcoholic, mind you. Take a night out once or twice a week, instead of sitting on Facebook or Skype, or watching another TV show. Believe me, there is a plenty of people there who are in exactly the same situation as you. Just talk to anyone and everyone about anything and everything, and you will have a much better day the next day!
3. Get a job. Not minding the pay, find a sales or customer service type of job. It will benefit you much more than another buck an hour. A retail shop or a fast-food place would work perfect for a start. Your education level or work experience could be far above this kind of places, but, again, you are not there to make a career. You are there to kick-start a whole new life. And it is the best to start everything from foundations.
4. Religion. If you are religious at all, pay a visit to the local church/masjid/etc. You could introduce yourself to the organizers there, who meet tens of people like yourself and can easily guide you in the best direction for you. You could also join their activities, meet people, socialize, and again, communicate.
5. If you resist that none of the above is applicable to you, then, at least, join a book club. Or a charity/volunteering club. Or a local sports club. Or alcoholics group, or drug addicts group. Or pick up a bike and join the bikers club, for God’s sake!
Whatever you decide to do, make sure you go out there and COMMUNICATE! Leave your ego and complexes behind, you don’t want them to ruin that beautiful life full of sunshine that is lying ahead of you! You don’t need to make sense all the time, just cheer up! And talk
 The original of the post is here.

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