Thursday, January 24, 2013

Elmar Aghayev - Person who believes in bright future of Azerbaijan

One of the main reasons pushed me to leave Azerbaijan is lack of believe in bright near future there. I lost my believe in tomorrow, which made me unhappy. It is very personal. Some of my friends asked me not to run away from problems and just fight against it, others told me that there is no issue at all just my mind created them. There was guys who shared my view, too. But today I am going to write down about a guy who is braver and more flexible than me. He believes that by trying everything can be changed. His name is Elmar Aghayev. His my cousin, elder son of my only and lovely uncle. Almost a month ago he left Ernst&Young and joined to Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park Ltd ("SCIP"). SCIP is governmental company and should assist in building the infrastructure for business activity and manufacture of chemical products. Oil-chemistry will be the priority of the new park. Why he is brave? Because he is very successful from high school to E&Y and decided to change his life for hope. He was a winner of Math Olympiads at high school, holder of presidential scholarship at university. He had a chance to study in the UK, where he was accepted by University of Liverpool. But he decided to be part of the processes turning in Azerbaijan. At E&Y within short period he became Senior Consultant and was able to handle complex projects. But he left for less compensation package for more junior position to help in developing manufacturing industry in Azerbaijan. Actually he is responsible for attracting foreign investment for the project. The guy believes in future! Amazing person who in ruins of the government still has hope. He is not one of the corrupted officers. Actually he remembers me Don-Quixot. 

May be he is right, may be he is too brave, may be he is crazy like Don-Quixot. But in any case he tries.

Below is a video prepared as a summary of visit Slovenian business delegation to Azerbaijan. And Elmar is talking starting from 8:48. He is young, which makes him to by uncertain in front of camera. But he is brave enough to believe in uncertain future. God bless him in his way!

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