Monday, January 21, 2013

Canadian Health Services or My First Serious Injury in Canada

As you already understood my post is not going to be about good news. Last Thursday I fell and broke my rib. It happened in front of my house. It was late evening and I did not notice icy pedestrian path. I found myself in the ground after first step. Actually, I fell very successful))). Was able to land on my body only. Head and arms are OK. First hour I just felt uncomfortable, but after I started having pain, which still lasts. Thanks to Adil, who drove me to the closest emergency at South Health Campus. Actually, I was not so optimistic visiting them. They just opened and waiting at emergency was not acceptable for me. But I was pleasantly surprised. They even did not let me to register, they were so quick! Within very short period they did ultra-sound test, x-ray and then passed me "good news". I have broken my rib. It was very painful, so they injected my analgesic. And after an hour they I left the emergency. Now I am taking analgesic medicine. It is very hard to breath deeply, laugh, and climb stairs. But the most exiting part of this process was medical service at South Health Campus. So, my conclusion is that we have very good and quick medical service when it is actually emergency situation. If you are not going to die, so you can wait! I understand, accept and support such logic.

Take care do not get such injures like I did!

P.S. The funniest part is analgesic medicine they gave me. It actually works like drugs do. I am flying in cloud after taking it. So, it is also "funny" braking your rib!

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