Thursday, January 31, 2013

Calgary vs. Edmonton or our visit to Edmonton

Edmonton left in our hearts very good memories. We first landed in Edmonton. So, Edmonton has some kind of native feeling for us. 

Taking into account that most of our friends living in Canada settled in Edmonton, we decided to celebrate new year there. I called to friends and noticed that they are missing us as we do. So, I rented an apartment for 3 days(much cheaper than hotel), took a day off from my job and we headed to Edmonton on December 30, 2012. Visit to Edmonton was very interesting for me. I was trying to analyze whether we did right decision by moving to Calgary. And I wanted to compare this two cities once again. After living 7 months in Calgary our feeling returning to Edmonton was important. 

First time I tried to compare Edmonton and Calgary in my this post. But now I feel that I have something to add! In order to be more clear I will try to separate my comparison into two categories subjective an objective: 

Most of objective facts I already mentioned here. And I still believe that they are correct and do not want to repeat. In addition I can say that during our trip we felt that Edmonton is more mature city. There is no too much construction there, which results in less trucks on the roads. Less construction does not mean that the city is not developing, it is already done! Roads, neighborhoods are silent and clear.

By visiting our friends we noticed that we lost a lot by moving to Calgary. My kids were so happy... Most of our friends has kid(s) at the same age as mine are. Therefore, my son was so waiting meeting with his "Musu Qaqa" (actually his name is Huseyn and he is my friend-Farhad's son; "qaqa" means bro). During our visits we never felt that we are guest there. My mom-in-law who is visiting us these days (I am going to have a separate post on this) also confirmed that in Edmonton we had more friendly community than in Calgary. There some exceptions of course, but overall she is right. 

And my spouses question when we were driving back some kind of surprised me. She asked "may be we need to move back...?"...


  1. Вот потому я и говорю, что для нас, например, вопрос о дефиците общения в Калгари решен - много знакомых и друзей ... Это конечно один из наиважнейших факторов :)

  2. You know I've never lived in Edmonton, but a lot of my co-workers are from there. _They_ say there is only one Edmonton in Alberta ( Crime rate Edmonton vs Calgary is what always stops me from moving to Edmonton...

    1. you know for a guy like me who moved from Baku, Azerbaijan the both cities are safer than my home city.))) Caucasians are hotter!)))

    2. no doubts! however your kids are more Canadian than Azerbaijanian, they are growing up in Canada, they don't have your 'skin'.
      for example, a driller I'm working with now told me this: he is the only guy from his class in high school who actually got a permanent job, all other males involved in some kind of sketchy businesses and odd jobs. No, he is not from ghetto neighborhood in Edmonton or something like that, and he is white Canadian.
      I have a son, you have one too, so it's something to think about.
      ...This is just my personal opinion, which may be far away from reality.

    3. No it is not far away from reality. But he will have a choice as I had, to move somewhere... Actually I do not believe that I will stay here forever... I am more European than American. I would prefer to spend my retirement at Mediterranean Sea!)))
      I used to know an Indian guy who once told me very wisdom words: "enjoy with what you have today, tomorrow will happen anyway, do not worry about it!"

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    1. As I mentioned I lived in both cities.