Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Andrea Bocelli or Italian culture which affected my childhood

I cannot imagine my childhood without Italian movies and songs. Adriano Celentano was so famous in USSR. Most of his movies are translated into Russian which made them accessible for us. And Toto Cutugno's songs were usual for us. Then I started working at the factory producing Italian cheese. And my first meeting with Italians and their culture, food happened there. I steel believe that things made in Italy are made with love and quality. "Made in Italy" is sigh of quality for me! I am so excited with Italians that I was shocked when I noticed that no one knows Celentano in Edmonton, AB... that is called cultural difference or cultural shock.

I am sure where it comes from, but I cannot avoid listening Ave Maria when I hear it... It is strange, because it was not famous in Azerbaijan nor in my family. However, when I hear Ave Maria I loose my control and focus only on this song. And of course Italian tenors are best singers of Ave Maria. Andrea Bocelli is one of them. He is very talented person. Actually he is a lawyer and he is blind, but his voice astonishes me. So, enjoy, as I do!!!

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