Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Snowy, icy and cold Calgary

As you understood from the heading of the post winter came to Calgary. This week gonna snow almost everyday. Today was peak of the snowfall around 15 cm. Here is a picture from today's traffic jam:

To be honest I was really surprised when stuck in the traffic today morning. The roads are snowy and slippy, but it is not a reason for Canadians drive slower. Last winter I spent in Edmonton and I have never stuck in a traffic because of snowfall. Hope after couple of days people start driving faster...

As you noticed from the picture above I started using Instagram. It is very helpful for a person who has an iphone. And the soft allows you to edit pictures. Just switch on your fantasy. Below I am sharing some winter pictures from Calgary.

Last week-end
Last week-end

Last night
Last night, snow covered my BBQ
Our parking lot at the office
In the last picture my car is in left corner after Nissan Pathfinder. To be honest Venza pleasantly surprised me with its behavior on ice. AWD switches on when the car starts slipping. And it's easy to control it on snowy road.

By the way snow is still falling and is going to snow until this afternoon. God bless us in this cold country!

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