Friday, October 5, 2012

Crazy project in Baku, Azerbaijan - Khazar Islands

A year ago when I first heard about Khazar Islands project I thought that it is one of the crazy ideas which will be a project forever. However, they started it... Based on the information released by different news agencies they already invested 1 billion US dollars to this project and planning to finish it in 2019. Actually they are creating a new city in the sea. They plan to built tallest building in the world. here is the video presenting the project:

A guy appeared at the end is the "businessman" from Azerbaijan and author of the project.


  1. well UAE proved that it's possible, now the question only if Azerbaijan has enough money for it.
    I loved that duduk in background music!

    1. Azerbaijan has lots of money! It is not Dubai which sinks in it's debts...

    2. Try to search Alihan Samedov, who is master of balaban(duduk)