Thursday, October 25, 2012

Back to swimming

So today I started swimming again. To be honest was not sure that my shoulder will allow me to enjoy swimming. I have pain in my left shoulder from E&Y. An air conditioner was just on my head which resulted in problems with my left shoulder muscle. That is why I usually can not swim long distances. It showed up in Edmonton when I reached swimming 1.5 km per day. I had to reduce the distance to 400 m. And in last May I stopped swimming at all. As I love swimming, I was missing it a lot. But my shoulder....

However, I decided to start swimming again. I can not stand... And one more reason was recommendation of our family doctor to have more active lifestyle. So that was a good reason to push me toward swimming again! Swam 300 m today morning. Shoulder tried to interrupt me. But by changing my swimming style I managed it. 

Below is almost perfect technique of freestyle swimming. I adore his style! He does not spend too much energy, which is good for swimming long distances. And I tried it today, which helped me to swim without my shoulder pain. And the amazing part is that this style looks slow, but actually you swim faster. Unbelievable...!!!! But it is a fact!

P.S. My boss also promised to join me. Let's see...