Friday, October 19, 2012

Again anniversary 5 years passed from wedding party

As you already noticed October is full of holidays for our family. 18th is the date when we first met with my wife, 20th is the date of our wedding party with her, and 28th is birthday of my son. So last half of October we have lots of reasons to celebrate.

So, today is fifth year as we are family. I will say happy family. What we need else from our Lord for happiness?! We have love in our hearts, two brilliant kids, ceiling over our heads, eating in our kitchen and we are living in a normal country. We are thankful to the God for everything.

And here is a picture from our wedding party:


  1. Поздравляю вас! :) Счастья вам и благополучия! :)

    У нас июнь урожайный - тоже, кстати, 5 лет в этом году отмечали :) День знакомства, день свадьбы и день рождения нашей доченьки :)

    Даянет, а как же 27-ое число - год в Канаде???? Ведь тоже октябрь :)

    1. Ollleee one more reason for "zapoy"....)))) thanks for reminding!

  2. Сложный месяц октябрь...

    Примите наши искренние поздравления со всеми вашими праздниками!