Thursday, October 18, 2012

11 years together

Today 11 years passed from my first meeting with my spouse Esmira. We first met on October 18, 2001 in Baku, Azerbaijan. Now we celebrate 11th anniversary in Calgary, Canada. After 11 years we have happy family with two kids. Together we passed from lots of things. The final hard decision was when we decided to move to Canada. It was a serious decision, which changed all our life. I always feel her support and breath in my back. Thanks to her for everything.

Here is a picture taken in December 2005 during boat tour in Baku. I have edited it a little bit.

Dec, 2005
And here is a picture taken almost 7 years after:

Sep, 2012
Now I recognized that we have changed a lot... Hope we will notice lots of such changes together!


  1. Great! Our best congratulations!
    Everything ahead!

  2. От всего сердца! От всей души поздравляю Вас с такой замечательной датой :) Вы очень красивая пара и хорошая семья! :) И детки у вас, под стать родителей, красивые, умные и такие клевые :) Долгих лет вам совместной жизни и счастья!:)

  3. Congrats!
    "I always feel her support and breath in my back" - this is the most important thing

    1. I completely agree with you! I am very lucky man having a wife like Esmira! People who know her will agree with me for 100%!