Monday, September 24, 2012

Living with the nature or fighting against mice

Today I am going to write down about some new issues we have faced after moving to Calgary which caused changing our lifestyle. In Edmonton we were living in a condo apartment, where we had an access to the backyard and to the underground garage. However, in Calgary we are renting a townhouse which has a double car garage and small basement room. It has no backyard which we are missing. 

When we moved to the townhouse we noticed differences living in apartment and townhouse. First of all it has stairs, I mean lots of stairs. So my kids started learning how to climb the stairs. Of course not all attempts were successful. The other difference is heating, water supply and so on. All of them are separate from others. You need to take care of it. 

But most surprising one was mice. First we noticed  excrement of mice in the kitchen, basement and storage room. Then once late evening my wife met "face-to-face" with a small mouse. I am not aware who was most scared.:)) When we first noticed the signs, I started googling and found that Calgary has no rats. So we were sure that it is a mouse. We started a fight against them... First I tried mint oil. In the internet most of people writing that it helps. But not always. So, noticing effective-less of the oil I decided to take more serious actions. I visited Home Depot and purchased gun mouse traps. It is strange but mice can not avoid peanut butter. So, I installed the traps with peanut butter over the house and caught two mice. Below is a picture one of them:

So, For the people who faced with the same issue I will advice using the traps. There are different form of them. I cannot say that wooden snap traps is the most efficient one. But they are very helpful. They cost $1-2 each. So you can trash them after successful usage. The was some cases when we noticed empty traps without mouse. But currently we do not have any mice at home.

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