Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Canadian geese leaving us

After getting a student driving license my wife started pushing me to train her how to drive. Taking into account that she has never drove before I decided to explain her basic of the driving in farm roadways. So last months we are periodically visiting closest farm roads to gain driving experience. This area are full of birds, animals and shortly we are very close to the nature when she drives. So, As usually yesterday we decided to continue our training and drove to the closest farms. Last days I have noticed geese in the air of Calgary flying to the southward. And when we we passing next farm field I have noticed geese resting there, lot of geese... I asked my wife to stop and I tried to capture them with my iphone. They did not let me to come close, but I was able to capture some picture. Sorry for the quality, looks like it is a time to buy more serious camera... So, Canadian geese leave us for this winter...

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