Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Today I am 30...

So, today I am 30. I have mixed feelings last 2 days. I was getting congrats from yesterday. So, I am in birthday mood for two days. There is 11 hours time difference between Calgary and Baku. Therefore my friends from Baku started sending my congrats from yesterday afternoon.

I remember couple of years ago I promised myself that when I am 30 I am going to be CPA and leave Azerbaijan. So, I reached both of my aims, I am CPA and I left Azerbaijan for Canada. But it is natural and at the same time strange for me that after reaching my aims I am looking for the new one. It always wonder me when they stop...

As I told my family, friends was sending me congrats today and yesterday. But most unexpected, but most pleasant message I got from Ernst&Young. It is not secret that I fun of this company. And last six years I used to get automatic messages from E&Y on my birthdays. You know that no one sends them, but it is pleasant... Unfortunately, here in Calgary, Canada it is not accepted sending such kind of messages. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I got an e-mail from E&Y today morning. Seventh time... I was full of happy feelings... Great thanks to them for such a small but very pleasant message.


  1. Поздравляем! :) Счастья и исполнения задуманного :) Удачи :)

  2. Happy birthday again! Thank you for great dinner!

    Take this like a present


    Best wishes!