Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Incredible Calgary...

I would like to write down about weather conditions we face here in Calgary. The weather is very colorful here. I do not remember that we have had a stable condition for several days continuously. During a week we may see the sun, clouds, rain, hail, thunderstorm. All of them can be seen in summer time. Now is middle of August and yesterday afternoon there was a storm in Calgary. To honest it was a first storm I have seen in my life, but looks like not last. I was so astonished that forgot about taking any pictures or video. However, people posted some pictures and videos in Calgary Herald's website.

First it started getting dark. And the downtown was invisible. 

Then I noticed that clouds are moving very close to the earth surface. I told to my boss (you know him as mmw) that it is storm. He did not believe first. But when we saw how the traffic sighs are moving there was no doubt that that was a storm...

Here is a video taken by student traveling at that time. You can see how the sign moves...

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