Sunday, July 22, 2012

Picnicking at Forgetmenot Pond

As you know me I cannot sit at home when the weather is fine and mountains are around... Therefore, I have decided to visit Forgetmenot Pond in Kananaskis Country. We have been in Elbow Falls before, which is very close to the Pond. Landscaping there is amazing. While driving you can enjoy excellent views. Like this

The best way to travel from our home to there is highway 22x. I like this road. Farms are in right and left. And as I am driving towards mountains, the view is amazing...

Do I looks satisfied?

Yes daddy, you do!
When we arrived to the fall we discovered picnic site at Elbow River and Elbow Fall close to it. Here is the picnic site and the fall.

Just wanna warn you about someone. Remember this guy:

He offered us to take our picture. We gave him our camera and when we were looking around where to have a sit, he tried to run away with our camera... He was joking with us! Thanks to him for taking our family picture at Elbow Falls.

And a very nice squirrel that did not reject us to pose for the camera:

Stop, I was trying to write down about our today's trip... OK, the road was familiar for us from our Elbow Falls trip. So driving 10 more kilometers straight we reached to the pond. It is an artificial pond created by human being. It has very interesting name, Forgetmenot. Russian bloggers whom I follow call it Незабудкин Пруд. And I read about it when I was in Baku, Azerbaijan. While we were there my wife offered to rename the pond to ChinaPond. Why? Because 99% of the people who was there today was Chinese. No one was speaking English around. An only language we heard there was mandarin or cantonese...

The pond was really busy. No available parking spot was there. It was hard to find free table for picnicking. But the view was excellent... 


As usually cooking kabab...
 The water was so clean that I was not able to stop myself from swimming there.

I feel GOOD!
 But the water was also sooo cold... Brrrr...

Better if they warm the water...:))))
 But my lovely daughter was ready to warm me when I am out.

Another wonder for us was wild strawberries. When I was walking around the pond with the kids I found three strawberries:

I came back, left kids and decided to collect more strawberries. To be honest I was not sure that I will have success as it is early for the strawberries at this time of the year. Most of them have not matured yet. But I was lucky to find some:

They are so yummy!
And couple more pictures from our way back:
Elbow River

My tank in harmony with the road..
I will strongly advice to visit both places, Elbow Falls and Forgetmenot Pond. They are amazing places which are very close to the city. Only just 65 and 75 kilometers, respectively.

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