Monday, June 25, 2012

Visit to Kananaskis Country

As my work ends at 2 pm in Fridays, I decided to visit Sibbald Meadows Pond. I have checked the weather forecast for this area, which promised cloudy but not rainy weather. Why this pond, because I may fish there while my family enjoying with the nature. As I am not fishing for a long time period, I am really missing it. So, I asked my wife to be prepared when I am back from work, so, we may leave early. I have googled and found that I have to pass through the city in order to access Trans-Canada Highway #1, which will take us to the west. From first look I have planned everything and no surprises should happen. But surprises were enough at this day...

First surprise was the TRAFFICCCCC.... When I was planning my trip I decided that the traffic should be less as we will pass through the city close to 3 pm. But, it was not. Deerfoot also was crowded, I am going to comment on traffic of 16th Avenue. So, it took us an hour to leave boundaries of the city. Here is some pictures from our trip:
Road to Sibbald Meadows Pond

Bored in the carseats
Second surprise was the WEATHER... I used not believe that weather forecasts. However, that day I was naive that considered the forecast when I was planning. When we reached the pond rain started. To be honest it is good for fishing, but not for my family. None of us needed sick kids at home. We did not leave the car for half an hour.Waited end of the rain, but with no success... I was so angry that at that time I may kill the person who posted the forecast and images from satellite... Having no positive signs from the nature we decided to find some place downwards. As the pond located 1,800 meters above the sea level, we believed that downwards the weather may be different. In our way I decided to turn to Barrier Lake. Here is pictures from the Lake:
Barrier Lake
Barrier Lake without me
The weather was rainy there too... However, we found a place close to Kananaskis Trail in the forest and very close to a mountain river. When we left the home we planned to have kabab there and we took marinated chicken with us. Therefore I was not planning to change our plan and cook my kabab anyway. What do you think??? I did it! Here is the proof:
My new skewers purchased here
Waiting for kabab

We spent two hours there and enjoyed with nature and "romantic" weather. During this time we have noticed that this place was organised for the people doing rafting. There were lots of people who left their cars and headed to the river from there. Here is some of them

Murad trying to open the car
Due to weather conditions my fishing plans postponed to near future...

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