Thursday, June 21, 2012

Viewing airplanes in Calgary

Today we decided to take the kids to Edward H. LaBorde Viewing Area. This a place in NE of Calgary at Calgary's airport (YYC). My son Murad loves air planes and observe them in the sky. Therefore, this place was very interesting for him. He watched how airplanes landing and taking off. Leyla was also very interested in them, but some planes were scared for her. We understood it when she made warning sound like 'khuuuu"... Here is some pictures:

Leyla indicated the first plane

Not only kids were interested

Memorial of Edward H. LaBorde

Information Board
From the information board we learned that 15,000 people are employed by YYC or companies serving YYC, it holds 2000 hectares on land, the largest cargo aircraft is AN-225 and in 2008 12,5 million people traveled through YYC.

It is very interesting place and I will recommend for families with kids. My son had fun, hope yours will have too.

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