Monday, June 18, 2012

Moving to Calgary...

As I noticed in my previous post, I am employed by a company located in Calgary and I had an aim to move to Calgary within couple of weeks. I have faced with several issues in this way.
The first issue was related to my rent agreement. I made a silly mistake when I signed an annual contract with the landlord. When I decided to terminate a contract I have been informed that I have to pay for the period until the landlord finds a new tenant, but no longer than the term of the contract. I decide to make some research and discovered that, under the law the landlord's message was lawful. Therefore, I have decided not to wait until they find someone. I have placed an ad in kijiji and guess what happened. I found a guy who was highly interested to lease this condo. But, he agreed to rent it staring from July 01. It means I had to pay for whole June... So, one issue was successfully solved and I had another issue to find an accommodation in Calgary. I spent hours in internet and made a short list of the rental townhouses and houses in Calgary. I have visited Calgary on June 02, 2012 to visit them and to choose one of them. Again I was chancy and I found a townhouse 6 km away from my work place. Monthly rent for the townhouse is $ 1350, excluding utilities. It means that I had to sign a contract with utility providers before moving to Calgary. I have called to them and switched all utilities under my name staring from June 10. The townhouse has a double garage, which makes it three stores from back. Actually it is two stores when yo watch from from side. It has great living room, kitchen and half bath in the first floor and two master bedrooms in the next floor. 

So the next issue was actual moving to Calgary.

Thanks to my new employer, which provided some fund to cover my moving expenses. Therefore, I decided to hire people to help me with the moving. It was not easy to find them within my budget. The prices were really different starting from $ 550 to $ 2000... I decided to agree with the first one. It was risky as was not a company, but a guy who owns a truck. We had an issue on price when he decided to adjust it after our agreement. But I was able to solve the issue in a phone call. Additionally he provided me with two guys to help me in loading/unloading.

As a result actual cost of my moving made $1450 (rent payment of $870 for June in Edmonton and moving cost of $580). But actual efforts we spent costs more!

So, on June 10th with the help of my friend Farhad we have moved to Calgary. Now we are settled in SE of Calgary, which is very close to my work. The neighborhood is new, built in 2007. There is a playground a lake/pond very close to it. All shopping store within 10 minutes of drive. My spouse like the house and the neighborhood. Thanks to her, as she relied in everything to me and supported me in my decision. Here is picture of the townhouse.


  1. Даянет, а какой именно адрес, т.е. в какой части SE???Насколько далеко от даунтауна????
    если поблизости будет кто нибудь сдавать - дайте знать :)

    1. 304 Copperstone Cove SE. You need look at kijiji and monster.

    2. It is far from the downtown.

  2. Good new!
    It seems you are moving to south.
    Good luck on new job!