Monday, June 25, 2012

Visit to Kananaskis Country

As my work ends at 2 pm in Fridays, I decided to visit Sibbald Meadows Pond. I have checked the weather forecast for this area, which promised cloudy but not rainy weather. Why this pond, because I may fish there while my family enjoying with the nature. As I am not fishing for a long time period, I am really missing it. So, I asked my wife to be prepared when I am back from work, so, we may leave early. I have googled and found that I have to pass through the city in order to access Trans-Canada Highway #1, which will take us to the west. From first look I have planned everything and no surprises should happen. But surprises were enough at this day...

First surprise was the TRAFFICCCCC.... When I was planning my trip I decided that the traffic should be less as we will pass through the city close to 3 pm. But, it was not. Deerfoot also was crowded, I am going to comment on traffic of 16th Avenue. So, it took us an hour to leave boundaries of the city. Here is some pictures from our trip:
Road to Sibbald Meadows Pond

Bored in the carseats
Second surprise was the WEATHER... I used not believe that weather forecasts. However, that day I was naive that considered the forecast when I was planning. When we reached the pond rain started. To be honest it is good for fishing, but not for my family. None of us needed sick kids at home. We did not leave the car for half an hour.Waited end of the rain, but with no success... I was so angry that at that time I may kill the person who posted the forecast and images from satellite... Having no positive signs from the nature we decided to find some place downwards. As the pond located 1,800 meters above the sea level, we believed that downwards the weather may be different. In our way I decided to turn to Barrier Lake. Here is pictures from the Lake:
Barrier Lake
Barrier Lake without me
The weather was rainy there too... However, we found a place close to Kananaskis Trail in the forest and very close to a mountain river. When we left the home we planned to have kabab there and we took marinated chicken with us. Therefore I was not planning to change our plan and cook my kabab anyway. What do you think??? I did it! Here is the proof:
My new skewers purchased here
Waiting for kabab

We spent two hours there and enjoyed with nature and "romantic" weather. During this time we have noticed that this place was organised for the people doing rafting. There were lots of people who left their cars and headed to the river from there. Here is some of them

Murad trying to open the car
Due to weather conditions my fishing plans postponed to near future...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Viewing airplanes in Calgary

Today we decided to take the kids to Edward H. LaBorde Viewing Area. This a place in NE of Calgary at Calgary's airport (YYC). My son Murad loves air planes and observe them in the sky. Therefore, this place was very interesting for him. He watched how airplanes landing and taking off. Leyla was also very interested in them, but some planes were scared for her. We understood it when she made warning sound like 'khuuuu"... Here is some pictures:

Leyla indicated the first plane

Not only kids were interested

Memorial of Edward H. LaBorde

Information Board
From the information board we learned that 15,000 people are employed by YYC or companies serving YYC, it holds 2000 hectares on land, the largest cargo aircraft is AN-225 and in 2008 12,5 million people traveled through YYC.

It is very interesting place and I will recommend for families with kids. My son had fun, hope yours will have too.

First meeting with Canadian police

So, tonight I met with Canadian police first time. They stopped me twice. To be honestly, they were stopping everybody and me as well. They just asked "Sir, have you had an alcohol tonight?". I answered "no" and they let me to continue my way. 

The interesting part was my impression about them. As my last meeting with police was in Azerbaijan, I can say that I felt the difference. I have never used to meet polite polices in my life.. The Canadian police was the first one. I have never used to like a police. The Canadian was the first one. I have never been thanked by a police. The Canadian was the first one. I may continue this for while, but hope you caught my idea. I stated believing that I may rely on the police. Of course the Canadian one!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Moving to Calgary...

As I noticed in my previous post, I am employed by a company located in Calgary and I had an aim to move to Calgary within couple of weeks. I have faced with several issues in this way.
The first issue was related to my rent agreement. I made a silly mistake when I signed an annual contract with the landlord. When I decided to terminate a contract I have been informed that I have to pay for the period until the landlord finds a new tenant, but no longer than the term of the contract. I decide to make some research and discovered that, under the law the landlord's message was lawful. Therefore, I have decided not to wait until they find someone. I have placed an ad in kijiji and guess what happened. I found a guy who was highly interested to lease this condo. But, he agreed to rent it staring from July 01. It means I had to pay for whole June... So, one issue was successfully solved and I had another issue to find an accommodation in Calgary. I spent hours in internet and made a short list of the rental townhouses and houses in Calgary. I have visited Calgary on June 02, 2012 to visit them and to choose one of them. Again I was chancy and I found a townhouse 6 km away from my work place. Monthly rent for the townhouse is $ 1350, excluding utilities. It means that I had to sign a contract with utility providers before moving to Calgary. I have called to them and switched all utilities under my name staring from June 10. The townhouse has a double garage, which makes it three stores from back. Actually it is two stores when yo watch from from side. It has great living room, kitchen and half bath in the first floor and two master bedrooms in the next floor. 

So the next issue was actual moving to Calgary.

Thanks to my new employer, which provided some fund to cover my moving expenses. Therefore, I decided to hire people to help me with the moving. It was not easy to find them within my budget. The prices were really different starting from $ 550 to $ 2000... I decided to agree with the first one. It was risky as was not a company, but a guy who owns a truck. We had an issue on price when he decided to adjust it after our agreement. But I was able to solve the issue in a phone call. Additionally he provided me with two guys to help me in loading/unloading.

As a result actual cost of my moving made $1450 (rent payment of $870 for June in Edmonton and moving cost of $580). But actual efforts we spent costs more!

So, on June 10th with the help of my friend Farhad we have moved to Calgary. Now we are settled in SE of Calgary, which is very close to my work. The neighborhood is new, built in 2007. There is a playground a lake/pond very close to it. All shopping store within 10 minutes of drive. My spouse like the house and the neighborhood. Thanks to her, as she relied in everything to me and supported me in my decision. Here is picture of the townhouse.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Looks like it is a time to write down why I was not writing last 1,5 months. Lest keep sequence and start from beginning.

As I already wrote I was employed at Alberta Health Services starting from December 15, 2011. Why was? Because my temporary contract that was until end of March and then prolonged finished at early May. I was unemployed for a week and then June 14, 2012 started with Alberta Investment Management Corporation as a temporary senior fund accountant. Again I was employed through agency and this time I was also paid more. Why was? Because I left them after tree weeks. Why? There are several reasons. When I was interviewed I had been told that it is boring job, where you are doing same things every day. To be honestly, I had no other choice and I do not mind doing routine job. But I have not been told that the situation in the department is stressful. Stress plus routine job made my life for three week a HELL. And I decided not to stay there anymore.

By the way I have decided not to lock on Edmonton market and visited Calgary for interviews. I have arranged my interviews myself. In advance agreed with several recruiting companies known in the market. I have visited 5 interviews in two days. I have stayed at my old friend, known as Ali Bey for a night. His full name is Alinaghi Asghari. Why I am writing his full name, because he is a GREAT MAN!!! He affected my life always only from positive side. If you ask me who is most wisdom person among your friends, definitely the answer will be Ali. I really price him as a valuable friend and almost elder brother. Here is his picture, so remember this face, this the face of a GOOD MAN:
Alinaghi Asghari
Ali's son Rodin
Let's go back to my trip as I will not be able to cover Ali's personality by my poor English...

As I already noticed before my most favorite blogger mmw lives in Calgary. I had a chance to meet with him when he traveled to Edmonton last year. Therefore, I decided to meet with him during my trip. He invited me to his office and during our discussion he noticed that he also needs an accountant at his team. By the way he is CFO at Rigstar Communications Inc. Here is his picture at his office:
Michael Maltsev, also known as mmw
But we were not able to agree due to financial issues. However, he promised to think on this and come back to me next weeks. After couple of weeks he called me and invited for second interview to Calgary. As you may be know he offered me an accounting position at their company and I have accepted the offer. So, I am currently employed as an accountant at Rigstar Communications Inc. It is a permanent position with three months probation period.

But there was a main issue, the position is located in Calgary, me and my family settled in Edmonton. So, the next aim was moving to Calgary, but it is a topic for the next post...