Monday, April 23, 2012

Learning new swimming style

As I posted before I am actively swimming during my lunch breaks. Usually I swim freestyle. But after having refreshed my old shoulder pain, I have started thinking on changing my swimming style. By the way it is good chance to learn a new swimming style. So, I today I attempted to swim breaststroke style. Did only 8 laps at the end. But feelings are amazing... I have started enjoying from swimming more than before. I love swimming, But this style is something that made me to fall in love with swimming again!

For people who would like to try I will advice to watch swimming lessons from Youtube. Helps a lot. With Youtube I have corrected my mistakes I was doing in freestyle swimming. Here is the video how to swim breaststroke:


  1. Nice! My wife told that breast stroke is the slowest style. I responded that my style is slowest

  2. Yeah she is right. But it's one of the hardest ones... It take more time and efforts to reach to the board.