Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sportive Nation

I am following some blogs which are kept by immigrant as me. And most of them indicate that activeness of the local people pleasantly surprising them. But for it is different. I have noticed lots of overweighted people here. They usually complaint regarding their weight and still keep eating unhealthy foods. However, I have also noticed running, jogging and doing other sport people everyday. You can meet them when you drive to work, when you drive from work, during lunch breaks... For me it is good sign. people try to be healthy and sportive. The main reason of this is a local lifestyle. Usually, nobody walks if it is not really required. People use their cars to shop, to go to work, just to pass every available distance. Therefore, in order to compensate lack of activeness in their life they do sport.
I am not exclusion from local society and therefore I have started swimming 3 months ago. There is a pool in second floor of the building where our office is located. I am swimming during lunch breaks each day, which makes me feel fresh afterwards. The pool is not an Olympic one, but it is sufficient to cover our needs. I started with 10 laps three months ago and today I swam 54 laps, which makes 1,080 meters. I feel tired but happy! Will advice swimming actively to everyone.

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