Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Park season is open for us...

Before last week we had a wonderful weather in Edmonton. Whole week it was above +5C during daytime. On Thursday and Friday it was almost summer temperature +12C. Therefore, we might not avoid benefiting from such warm weather. On Friday we have decided to visit Red Willow Park in St. Albert. At. Albert is small town which is very close to our community. It is 10 minutes away from us. We usually visit Servus Palace there. I am going to write a separate post about it. Generally I like this town. It is small, quite, and very green place. I feel myself in village when I visit it. 

So, let us return to our main topic. By the help of my colleague Tamas and google maps I have found a park which is located at river-band and therefore green enough. As I already mentioned it was Red Willow Park.

It was first our visit to the park after moving to Canada. Before due to weather conditions we were not able to take kids to any park. But I was quite sure that it should be very beautiful. So, my assumptions were correct. This park has endless bike trials:

Amazing riverside:
Sturgeon River

My Spouse and kids were happy, which was aimed by visiting this park:

"Take out your finger from camera"

"How I look???"
"Wonderful, like mammy!"

While we were enjoying Murad decided to see who lives in the river...
Murad observing
Murad acting

Observing again

Detected by Mom
Watching and learning...
Spring is almost here
We decided to come back for having our lunch here later

Murad detected playground there, which was closed. However, it was not a case for him.

Nest day we visited William Hawrelak Park, which is known as Heritage Park. This is huge park which is also located at river-band of North Saskatchewan River. This park is famous with the Heritage Festival organized there in August of each year. 

This is the arena where the festival takes place.

And some pictures from this park.


  1. Даянет!
    У Вас замечательная семья - такие чудесные детки и жена красавица :)