Friday, March 9, 2012

Our new purchase from GOOGLE

Once upon time I promised to my wife to buy a new phone when we arrive to Canada. In Azerbaijan she had an old Nokia smartphone which was begging us to trash itself. In order to avoid pressures from my wife I made irresponsible promise. I thought that I would be able to avoid the new purchase. However, the avoidance was successful only for 5 months. During this period we had lots of discussions on model of the phone. I love Apple's products, therefore, I was pushing on purchase of iphone. However, after seeing commercial of Galaxy Nexus she insisted on purchase of it. Realizing that I have no chance to win in this battle last Monday I ordered a new phone from To be honestly, I was a little bit unsure in buying a phone from internet. However, I was pleasantly surprised when received a phone after three days. Can you imagine that they delivered the phone on 8th of March... Yessss!!!! I had a present for the International Women Day!!! Here is couple of pictures of the new phone:

My first impressions:
  • The phone looks like fragile. It made from plastic. Iphone has metal frame;
  • Sounds weak. Iphone much stronger;
  • It is hugeeeee. Really it's display is large enough, which I think is not comfortable for use. I phone lays in your hand more comfortable;
  • However, I should indicate that quality of the display is higher than iphone's.It is HD Super AMOLED PenTile... It is amazing!!! You should see it!
  • Android looks like ios. Application Store is very similar to Apple Store. I believe that Apple should sue Samsung again!
  • As a summary I believe that currently Apple's products are the best in the market. Google and Samsung should work a lot to reach Apple's quality. When they reach Apple will introduce new product!!! :)))
So my wife is happy of having new phone. I am also happy that spend lots of money on Samsung's product... ;)))) 

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