Sunday, March 4, 2012

Motor Show in Edmonton

There was a motor show in Edmonton during the period March 1-4, 2012. As I have never been in any auto show I was really interested in visiting the show. However, I have almost forgot about the show. Thanks to Rovshan who offered me to visit it today. Of course, the offer accepted immediately! So today Farhad, Rovshan and me visited the motor show. Here is some pictures from the show.

CLS class of Mercedes with the nickname of "Olivie"
Legendary Aston Martin
Luxury Bentley
Aggressive HTT (first seen) 
Lovely Mini Cooper S
Standard Mini Cooper
Reliable Volvo
New version of my old friend Nissan Versa (Tiida) 
Speedy Chevy
 The was also section at the show selling classic cars. As it was the last day most of cars were sold. Liked this one:

Of course I was not able to pass my lovely first car Nissan Versa. My sons reaction to this picture was "Dad's Car". He still remember my first car. Me, too!!!
Nissan Versa Hatchback
Ford was using a robot for promotion purposes. He was talking to people calling them my human friends.

There was also lots of other cars, however I have taken only pictures of the cars interesting to me. It was really interesting day for me.

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