Monday, March 26, 2012

Gift from the Director...

I would like to write down what and how I am doing at my work. As you are already aware from my previous posts I am temporarily employed by Alberta Health Services. Me and my team-mates have been hired to do some "financial cleaning" works here. I have started working with them first period. However, in a short period Rose Yu Director at the Business Advisory Services department where we are assigned has noticed me and I have started working with her. Most probably I have been chosen due to my previous experience and ability to work fast. When I say fast, I mean for Ernst&Young purposes it was a usual style of working for me. So, I have started working in more complicated projects than before I did. And as a result of successful completion of one of the projects I received this box today morning:

I was aware what should be in. Couple of days ago I have been asked whether I have Costco membership or not? So, now I can call myself member of Costco. ;)))

It is very pleasant when you find that person managing you appreciates how you performance. To be honest I am lucky man regarding having nice management last years. At Ernst & Young Arzu Hajiyeva, Tax Partner of Ernst&Young always appreciated my performance. I have also got some present from her. Remember and still wear her last present which was a nice shirt. In my previous employment I had a manager like Alinaghi Asgari, the nicest man in the world, who is my dear FRIEND. Thanks to my Lord for having such a good luck! Hope it will not leave me in rest of my life.


  1. Glad to know what your performance recognized and well evaluated!

    Welcome to the club!
    Now your spend more and expenses will rise!
    I had never pass Costco without 100 cash out...

    I can recommend you apply for Amex to save cash.
    Call me if you have any questions.

  2. Thanks for your advice. Will apply definitely!