Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My travel to the work in a foggy day.

Yesterday The weather was foggy in Edmonton which created romantic mood. I took some pictures while driving to the work:

Our neighbourhood.
Groat Road

Intersection at Groat Road
North Saskatchewan River
North Saskatchewan River
View from our office. Down-town disappeared...

Sportive Nation

I am following some blogs which are kept by immigrant as me. And most of them indicate that activeness of the local people pleasantly surprising them. But for it is different. I have noticed lots of overweighted people here. They usually complaint regarding their weight and still keep eating unhealthy foods. However, I have also noticed running, jogging and doing other sport people everyday. You can meet them when you drive to work, when you drive from work, during lunch breaks... For me it is good sign. people try to be healthy and sportive. The main reason of this is a local lifestyle. Usually, nobody walks if it is not really required. People use their cars to shop, to go to work, just to pass every available distance. Therefore, in order to compensate lack of activeness in their life they do sport.
I am not exclusion from local society and therefore I have started swimming 3 months ago. There is a pool in second floor of the building where our office is located. I am swimming during lunch breaks each day, which makes me feel fresh afterwards. The pool is not an Olympic one, but it is sufficient to cover our needs. I started with 10 laps three months ago and today I swam 54 laps, which makes 1,080 meters. I feel tired but happy! Will advice swimming actively to everyone.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Gift from the Director...

I would like to write down what and how I am doing at my work. As you are already aware from my previous posts I am temporarily employed by Alberta Health Services. Me and my team-mates have been hired to do some "financial cleaning" works here. I have started working with them first period. However, in a short period Rose Yu Director at the Business Advisory Services department where we are assigned has noticed me and I have started working with her. Most probably I have been chosen due to my previous experience and ability to work fast. When I say fast, I mean for Ernst&Young purposes it was a usual style of working for me. So, I have started working in more complicated projects than before I did. And as a result of successful completion of one of the projects I received this box today morning:

I was aware what should be in. Couple of days ago I have been asked whether I have Costco membership or not? So, now I can call myself member of Costco. ;)))

It is very pleasant when you find that person managing you appreciates how you performance. To be honest I am lucky man regarding having nice management last years. At Ernst & Young Arzu Hajiyeva, Tax Partner of Ernst&Young always appreciated my performance. I have also got some present from her. Remember and still wear her last present which was a nice shirt. In my previous employment I had a manager like Alinaghi Asgari, the nicest man in the world, who is my dear FRIEND. Thanks to my Lord for having such a good luck! Hope it will not leave me in rest of my life.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

My native village Alpan, Guba, Azerbaijan

My cousin Ilkin created wonderful video about the village where my father is from origin. This village was the place where I spent my school vacations. I have really good memories about this village. It is a wonderful village located very close to Caucasus mountains. Here is his video:
Unfortunately, the video is available only in Azerbaijani Turkish. However, it contains history, beauty and people of the village. Old lady talking in the video is my grandma. God bless her, such a nice woman. More information about Alpan can be obtained from Ilkin's website www.alpan.az.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Happy Nowruz holiday to all Turkish people of the world!!! Nowruz is one of the most oldest holidays in the world. Nowruz is celebrated in Greater Iran, Caucasus, Central Asia and by Iranians worldwide. It is a public holiday in Iran, Azerbaijan, India, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Iraqi Kurdistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. Also the Canadian parliament by unanimous consent, has passed a bill to add Nowruz to the national calendar of Canada, on March 30, 2009.

In Azerbaijan usually preparation for Nowruz begins a month prior to the the holiday. Each of forthcoming 4 weeks is devoted to one of the four elements and called accordingly in Azerbaijan. Each Tuesday people celebrate the day of one of the four elements - water, fire, earth and wind. People do house cleaning, plant trees, make new dresses, paint eggs, make national pastries such as shakarbura, pakhlava and a great variety of "national cuisine". Yummy... Wheat is fried with kishmish (raisins) and nuts (govurga). As a tribute to fire-worshiping every Tuesday during four weeks before the holiday kids jump over small bonfires and candles are lit. On the holiday eve the graves of relatives are visited and tended.

Nowruz is a family holiday. In the evening before the holiday the whole family gathers around the holiday table laid with various dishes to make the New Year rich. 

On the last Tuesday prior to Novruz, according to old traditions children slip around to their neighbours' homes and apartments, knock at their doors, and leave their caps or little basket on the thresholds all the while hiding nearby waiting for candies, pastries and nuts.

Therefore, on March 19, 2012 we have been invited by my friend Farhad to celebrate Nowruz eve. 

Here some picture from this night:

Traditional fire
Keeping traditions

Park season is open for us...

Before last week we had a wonderful weather in Edmonton. Whole week it was above +5C during daytime. On Thursday and Friday it was almost summer temperature +12C. Therefore, we might not avoid benefiting from such warm weather. On Friday we have decided to visit Red Willow Park in St. Albert. At. Albert is small town which is very close to our community. It is 10 minutes away from us. We usually visit Servus Palace there. I am going to write a separate post about it. Generally I like this town. It is small, quite, and very green place. I feel myself in village when I visit it. 

So, let us return to our main topic. By the help of my colleague Tamas and google maps I have found a park which is located at river-band and therefore green enough. As I already mentioned it was Red Willow Park.

It was first our visit to the park after moving to Canada. Before due to weather conditions we were not able to take kids to any park. But I was quite sure that it should be very beautiful. So, my assumptions were correct. This park has endless bike trials:

Amazing riverside:
Sturgeon River

My Spouse and kids were happy, which was aimed by visiting this park:

"Take out your finger from camera"

"How I look???"
"Wonderful, like mammy!"

While we were enjoying Murad decided to see who lives in the river...
Murad observing
Murad acting

Observing again

Detected by Mom
Watching and learning...
Spring is almost here
We decided to come back for having our lunch here later

Murad detected playground there, which was closed. However, it was not a case for him.

Nest day we visited William Hawrelak Park, which is known as Heritage Park. This is huge park which is also located at river-band of North Saskatchewan River. This park is famous with the Heritage Festival organized there in August of each year. 

This is the arena where the festival takes place.

And some pictures from this park.