Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A day in Baku, Azerbaijan

Here is very interesting video which describes beautiful parts of Baku. Nice to see only this part...

P.S. May result in homesick! 

Monday, February 27, 2012

How down-town of Edmonton disappeared

Inspired with the post of my favourite bloger mmw posting some pictures how down-town of Edmonton disappeared on February 22, 2012. 

You can see still see the down-town at the right

And voilĂ  it is disappeared 

Actually snowstorm covered Edmonton wholly. It lasted for 15-20 minutes and normal weather conditions returned back. To be honestly first picture was taken 15 minute after the second one ;)))).

So, you can see how weather may change here very quickly. As I heard during summer time it happens very often.

Reporting for last two months - Part 1

It was long time I have not write anything in my blog. Our life is set down and we try to benefit from every minute of our life in this wonderful country. I started swimming again. Swimming 4-5 times per week, during my lunch break. Thanks to my colleague Tamas, who helped me to remember my old swimming habits. By the way he is professional swimmer. My usual working days are quite similar, starting at 8 am, swimming during lunch break, back to home at 5 pm, TV, googling, reading and sleeping. And next day same circle... However, during week-ends I do lots of things. Now I will try to keep order:


Tried to ski at Rabbit Hills Ski Resort. It was my first and may be last experience. As I am conservative person, I could not accept lifestyle where lots of risks. Yes, this sport is risky. But it is not acceptable to live in Canada and never ski. So, with assistance of my friend, Farhad's colleague Ali I tried to ski on December 28, 2011. Ali is quite nice person and he tried to teach me how to ski. However, my long legs do not allow me to stand properly on skies. I fell down several times. Finally I decided that it is not my sport. As a result of the skiing I had pain in my knees which was an issue for my swimming. Below some unsuccessful pictures from unsuccessful skiing:

Ice fishing

I love fishing. My love started during our visit to Istanbul in 2007. I purchased fishing spinning at that time and started fishing in Azerbaijan. But my lifestyle there does not allow me to fish often. Here I met Rovshan whom I know from forum disput.az. With my friend Farhad he helped me a lot in our settlement here. I have also discovered that he loves fishing, too. And he is more experienced in fishing rather than me. Therefore, we decided to visit Pigeon Lake for ice fishing. To be honestly ice fishing was new for both of us. We have never had ice in Azerbaijan... 
So after purchasing gears and licensing required for ice-fishing we visited the lake on January 7, 2012. Our first attempt was unsuccessful, we could not catch anything. But second time was better and I caught a pike. Probably I will continue fishing here. There are lots of options here. And some pictures from our adventure:

Our way to Pigeon Lake

Making hole on ice

 And the result
Rovshan was bitten by the pike.

And my "tank" ice.
By the way it was my first time when I was driving on ice...

To be continued...