Thursday, December 1, 2011

Meeting with my famous blogger-mmw

Today I am going to write here how we met with my famous blogger mmw here in Edmonton.

So, on November 30, 2011 I was waked up by cries of my daughter. As usually she was getting up early in the morning. Unwillingly I watched to my phone, it was almost 8 am. I have also noticed that I received an e-mail from Michael Maltsev, also known as mmw from his blog at He and his spouse Sveta immigrated to Calgary from Belarus in June, 2009. Potential immigrants can learn a lot from his blog, as I did. In his e-mail he was writing that he is going to be in Edmonton on November 30th and if I am available we can meet with him at 10 am at South part of Edmonton. As me he used to work as an accountant in home country. So we have some intersections, both are accountant and both immigrated to Calgary. Therefore, I was really exited that I have a chance to meet with him. I sent him a confirmation e-mail and was at Costco at 10 as agreed. Taking into account that he was being late we agreed to meet closest Tim Horton (this local cafe).

After waiting couple of meeting Michael entered to the cafe. So, I could not imagine that my words written in his blog may realize. I wrote him that "for sure we will meet in Canada". It happened. As I predicted Michael very interesting and polite person. I learned a lot from him regarding local accountancy jobs, how to adopt to the local life, where to find famous fish "seledka" and lots of interesting things. Was also able to take his photo.

Great thanks to him for meeting and tons of useful information!!!


  1. ;) Unemployed. That's is the reason.

  2. Enjoy the time!
    Spend the time with family and friends.
    I'm no doubt that you will find the job soon.
    Best withes with that!

  3. Вот мой ответ -

  4. Great thanks!!! Already read with great plasure!