Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How I purchased my first car in Canada.

After request of some of the readers I have decided to write in more details how I managed purchasing the car. So, the story was as following...:
After living a week without a car in Edmonton I understood that a car is not sign of wellness here. It is necessity of living in Edmonton. In Baku I used to visit food stores right in front of the home. So, if I had no car in Baku it did not affect my basic life needs at all. However, in Edmonton where distance between two point are in kilometers it does. I was really suffering when visited nearest superstore at -10 degree in C. I had a limited budget and I was advised by "local guys" not to look at sedans, american cars and two wheel drive cars. So, pool of search was Japan made SUVs. Of course Toyota was the leader in the market. However, their prices are not less than CAD 14,000. The next best options were Honda and Nissan. Again prices were above my budget. I spent almost three week for search. The first suitable option was Nissan Murano of 2003. It's price was CAD 8,900 firm. Rovshan assisted me in my searches. We looked at the car evening when it was dark. The car had some minor problems like, crack on the windshield, front sit lift was not working  and so on. However, for the price it was the best car. It was cheaper from the market for CAD 1,500. I liked the car and was ready to purchase it. However, Rovshan insisted to look at it during a daylight. So, we agreed to visit it again next morning. So, what you think we discovered when we looked upper of the car??? Yeah, oil liquidity... It was not good sign and I understood why it was so cheap... The owner said that the liquidity started two month ago and he is adding new oil periodically. Therefore, I have rejected this car and started my searches again. The next best car was Toyota Highlander of 2001 for 9000. I was suffering without car and it was not easy to find location of this car on grounds. In Google Maps everything was OK. However, not in reality. After an hour walking I was successful to find the car. Looked around, drove and liked it. As I was alone without Rovshan, I agreed with the owner to look at it next afternoon. I left the car with the hope in my heart. However, when I arrived to the bus stop I got a message from the owner that the car was sold to others... It was like end of the world for me. Cold long distances were unusual for me. I started thinking that I will never find a car. And at that time was very close to depression. Thanks to my spouse for supporting me and with her help I started the searches again.

At home I have decided to visit used car dealerships in order to find something. Started from the dealership which was close to my location. There I said that I have a budget of CAD 8,000 and looking for a car or SUV made in Japan with the mileage less than 150,000 km. They were not able to offer me anything. However, one of the sales persons passed me phone number of his brother who works in other location of the same dealership. We agree with him to meet next morning at 9:00 am. Additionally, at home I found a Nissan Xterra of 2002 with the mileage of 158,000 km for CAD 8,500. Called the owner and agreed to look at the car at 11:00.  So, next morning at 9 I was at the dealership. They offered me Toyota Corolla of 2004. I drove it. It was a good car, but when I was looking around of it I noticed that it was in an accident. The next option was Nissan Versa of 2007. Oleeee, my lovely Tiida called Versa here. The price was unknown as it was a just arrived. I was asked to drive it and then we can talk on the price. The car was good and I liked it as it was a Tiida. However, when we were back at the office I was told that the price of this car is CAD 9,700. It was not within my budget so, I rejected it. Afterwards they told me that they have another option for me Toyota Matrix of 2004. But it is under technical check for now and it will be available after two days, for now they can give me the Versa to drive until they get the Toyota. So, it was the best option for me. I had no local driving license, however, photocopy of the valid Azerbaijani driving license was available. I took the car and visited the Xterra as agreed. I was late for half an hour. I drove the car, looked around and liked it. It has some minor problems, like crack of the windshield (looks like it is usual for all Alberta cars), some minor rust and that's all. It has new winter tires. The owner said that in case of purchase they can fix all of the problems. I talked to Rovshan and agreed to bargain with the owner. I offered for the "as is" CAD 7,000. And what was the reaction??? They agreed!!! However, I asked them to visit Rovshan as he is more experienced in cars. They said OK, however, the next potential buyer should come withing couple of the minutes. So, they must wait for them as they are on the way. I parked my car nearby and was waiting in it. The new buyers were a couple with Arabian origins. They looked at the car and started discussions. Then a lady who was an owner of the car came to me and informed me that this couple are ready to pay for the car CAD 7,200 and pick it up now... I was in shock!!! I disagreed with them and said that we have already agreed and I am ready to buy it now, too. I have also invited her spouse for the discussion. I said that I am suffering without car with two kids and I need this car very urgently!!! They looked at me and asked a minute for decision. Returned their home. After a minute the spouse of the owner was back saying that they are going to sell the car to me for 7,000. So, I did it!!!. My new car is black Nissan Xterra of 2002. Thanks to the owners of the car. They also agreed to drive to my garage.

As regards the Tiida, I have returned it to the dealership after two days. The Toyota they were offering we was in an accident, too. So, it was a good reason to reject it. However, I wanna thank them for their assistance and the car they have provided me. GREAT THANKS GUYS!!!

P.S. Great thanks to Rovshan for his assistance in my searches.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

First three weeks in Canada

Looks like its a time to write down what we faced, we loved, we hated in this county. It is a time of reporting for first three weeks. Beforehand I wanna note that first week I was not able to understand the reality. I mean I was not able to recognize that I did it. It was unbelievable for me...

So, let's start. For sake of clarity I have added dates before the actions:
October 27th
We arrived to Edmonton, AB at 18:00. Passed all immigration and customs procedures smoothly. My friend Farhad and his sister's husband Toghrul picked us up from Edmonton International Airport. First of all we visited Farhad's home. He fed us and took us to our new apartment which is going to be our home for next year. Unpacked some of our belongings and we went to bed. By the way before our arrival Farhad purchased for us most of furniture.
Some photos of our neighborhood:

October 28th
It was not so easy to sleep all night as our bodies were living by its' natural hours. Kids waked up at 3 am and we do the same. Early in the morning Farhad drove us to Canada Services we applied for SIN (Social Insurance Number), we applied for health insurance and then opened a bank account at RBC. We had our lunch at Farhad and went back to our home after lunch close to 3-4 pm. Kids fall asleep immediately. We were trying to keep us awake until sunset. In the evening Farhad and me visited Future Shop and purchased TV LG LED 42" which is also smart TV. What does it means? We are able to connect our TV to internet through Wi-Fi and watch youtube (not only) on it.

October 29th
Spend most of the day in the shops. Purchased food, TV stand, vacuum, iron, ironing board, floor lamp, 134 pc toolkit, 2 rugs, sofa and loveseat. The latter were purchased after 2 days.

October 30&31th
Nothing serious was done. Tried to match our natural hours to Canadian one. Visited some shops around our neighborhood.

November 01st
Visited Northtown Registry for a driving license. Failed first knowledge exam.

November 02nd-09th
This period was full of small purchases. Most of them are small home appliances and food. By the way I was looking for a car in kijiji. Met with recruiters from Aplin Recruiting with referral of Farhad. And next day visited "Big Four" and distributed my CV to them. By the way the recruiters were impressed by me behavior, English and speaking. I learned about it after seeing their e-mail sent to Farhad. So, thanks to E&Y for some of this skills.
Last days found a car from kijiji. It was Nissan Murano of 2003.

November 10th
Passed from knowledge test and got 7 class driving license. Made an appointment for a road test. Visited owner of the Nissan Murano with Rovshan. Was disappointed when we noticed oil liquidity from engine.

November 11-13
Was busy with the car search. Nothing serious happened.

November 14th
Failed the road test. Drove Farhad's father's car during the exam. It was really strange. The examiner was an Indian man. His name Alex. Remember his name and do not appoint an exam with him. He was quite and easy going during our trip. However, at the end he failed me and put me too much points. I disagreed with most of them and was disappointed. But when I left the registry everything was clear for me. Me and Farhad's father were discussing the results in front of the registry and another Indian man asked us to show him the results. Then he said that, he is a licensed driving trainer and offered me to train me. So, it was clear that there is an Indian business between them. One fails and the other trains... I rejected his offer and made an appointment for the next road test. At this time Farhad's father advised me to take Jim as examiner. Remeber his name too. He is honest and very good examiner.
At this day I have also found very good car, Toyota Highlander. Visited the owner, took a drive test, liked the car and agreed to take the to a mechanic next day. However, when I left them, at the bus stop received a message from the owner, saying that the car is already sold.

November 15th
Was looking for a car. Decided visit dealership. Was nothing suitable for me. However, one of the sales persons provided a phone number of his brother who can help me. Agreed to meet with him next day. Evening found a Nissan Xterra of 2002 from kijiji. Agreed to meet with them next day.

November 16th
Visited other dealership as agreed. Again, was nothing suitable for me. However, they provided me with Nissan Versa (Tiida in Azerbaijan) to drive until they find something for me. Tiida, the car that I used to drive in Azerbaijan. Was so happy for driving Tiida again. Using Tiida visited the Xterra as agreed. Took a drive test and purchased it.

November 17th 
It was heavily snowing. Took a driving a test at Farhad's father's car with Jim. Passed it. At the same day purchased an insurance for the new car and registered it. My car's plate is BFM6912.
This is my new SUV:

So, looks like that is all. After three weeks in Canada I have an accommodation, all required documents, a bank account, a driving license and a car here. Yeah, it is cold here. And first days without car was difficult for me. I was really suffering. Edmonton is not walking friendly city. And without a car you are nothing... Just imagine you need to walk to nearest shop for 2 km in -22. Awful..

However, I like local lifestyle.

P.S. Great thanks to Farhad, his family and Rovshan for their sipport!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

First post from Edmonton

So, I have decided to start writing here. I cannot understand what's happening with me here. For the reader who does not know we are in Edmonton, AB, Canada starting October 27. I have became less social here. I am not writing in blog, in FB... Can not identify the reason. Anyway, within couple of days going to put down day by day report. Wait for me, wait for me...