Monday, October 31, 2011

Feelings of prospective immigrant #1

Looks like I was not able to write down last page of my posts on feeling. However, I am back... Currently I am in Edmonton, Canada. Yeah we did it!!! Will provide more information later. Tired up with the home stuff.

So, my last day in Baku was full of questions like:
Am I doing right?
Is it best choice?
May be I can live here? and so on....

However, we did it! Now we are here and feel that we did good choice!


  1. Bro, forget about those questions, wipe out all 'possibilities' of going back, and look ahead only - otherwise, those questions will keep depressing you. They are the main reason for 'failed immigrants', believe me. Just look ahead and despite hardships every now and then, everything will eventually work out fine.
    BTW, I added a link to your blog on my blogroll, hope you don't mind:)

  2. Great thanks Aydin4ik! Of course I do not mind!