Friday, July 22, 2011

Cost of immigration for my family (before the holy day)

Being an accountant I have pernicious habits to keep recording of my capital expenses. Thus, I have recorded all my costs related to the immigration process. Hope it will be helpful for potential immigrants. Please see below list of expenses I have already incurred for the immigration process. Please note that these fees are for a family with two infants and relates to the period before moving (e.g. no airfare, accommodation are included).

Police certificates       43 CAD
Application fee           1,235 CAD
English tuitor              293 CAD
University charges      42 CAD
Translation of doc.s    149 CAD
IELTS                       172 CAD
Medical exam            542 CAD
Visas                        1,137 CAD
Courier expenses       173 CAD
TOTAL                     3,786 CAD

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