Saturday, June 11, 2011

My third trip to the US

Last period I am in a crazy busy season and additionally I had an exam for CPA licensing. Thus, I was not able to write anything in the blog. So, after long and boring preparation process finally I have flown to the US for the last (hopefully) BEC (Business Environment and Concepts) exam. Last time I failed this exam due to unpleasant events in my personal life. My grandma paid her debt to nature in November, 2010 right before my exams.
First time in my life I used Aeroflot. I flew to New York City, NY by Aeroflot's connection through Moscow. Taking into account that E&Y is covering only two flights to the US for CPA, all costs rest on my shoulders for this trip. Therefore, I chose the cheapest flight ticket to New York. It was Aeroflot’s tickets. It was $400 cheaper than its competitors. But the problem was with the gap between the flights, 6 hours to and 8 hours back. Six hours was not a case as I had tons of materials to be reviewed. But when I flew back I strongly tested strength of my will, 8 hours of doing nothing…
The plane landed in NY at 5 pm and unusually for me in spite of using taxi and tried light train which cost me $ 12. Yes it costed $50 less than a taxi. The train station which was close to the hotel where I stayed called Penn Station. Yes, I stayed in downtown-Manhattan. Unfortunately…!!! First of all I should note that I have not liked NY. It’s too noisy, too crowded, too polluted place. I do not like such places. What I liked there, was food, shopping center and free internet. By the way I did huge shopping for me and my family there. Great thanks to Macy’s Store for this opportunity.
The hotel I stayed was four star hotel in Manhattan which is called The New Yorker Hotel. It is clean, visitor friendly, but an expensive hotel. I paid $703 for three nights. A café placed in the hotel which called Tick-Tock Diner was great! I recommend it to the visitors.
During my trip it was raining there, but as I have not liked NY it was not a case for me. I was so tired that I have not visited most of NY’s sight-seeings. But as usual Azerbaijanian I was in Macy’s and Apple Stores.  Thanks to Macy’s for its visitor discount at 10%. It’s applicable to most of the products. I made huge shopping. And it made me to pay extra $100 for overweight luggage during my flight back.
As I noted I liked food there. It is yummy, cheap and had a well-serving pieces. Also I found my favorite Au Bon Pai there in Macy’s Store. I felt like was in heaven of food there.
The exam passed as usually. I was too tired after it. They prolonged duration of the exam and added three essays to the exam. As I am an advisor, the essays were not too hard for me. Hope to pass BEC exam and to get a license during 2011. I promised myself to become a CPA until I reach 30 years. Thus wish me good Luck in this hard way to CPA carrier.
And here is a video I have taken in NYC.
Additionally, I am posting some photos here.

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