Saturday, May 14, 2011

Finally we have won at Eurovision song contest!!!

Today night we win at Eurovision song contest. We were waiting for it for several years. And finally we achieved it after three years of hard breathing. Yeah we are proud of it! Go, Azerbaijan GO!!!
Here is official video of our song:
And here is the moment of winning from BBC:
P.S.: Doeas our Nikki looks like Jenifer Lopez...??? 

Friday, May 13, 2011

1000 visitors achived!!!

Today 1000th visitor visited my blog! I wanna thank everybody who has visited my blog. When I started writing this blog, I had never imagined than 1000 person can interest in what I write. Most surprising fact for is that my blog visited internationally. Here is the statistics of the visitors:

Azerbaijan 389
Russia 292
Canada 112
United States 76
Ukraine 61
Australia 9
Switzerland 9
United Kingdom 8
Kuwait 8
Germany 4

Again GREAT THANKS to all of you!!!

We passed the medical examination!

Today me, my spouse, son and daughter passed medical examination required for the immigration. According to the feedback I read it had to be hard process. However, it was not. At the entrance we have been met by assistant of the doctor. He welcomed us and followed us during all procedure. Great thanks to him for his assistance! First of all we visited X-ray and blood test room, they are required for adults. Then we were examined by a doctor. The Designated Medical Practitioner in Baku is Ibrahim. He is quite pleasant person. After interviewing us he observed us filled the medical forms. Based on his preliminary report we are healthy. Thus, we are waiting for a POVL as a next step!