Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How much are mobile phone services in Canada?

I found a website which may be useful to compare mobile phone plans in Canada.
Hope it will be helpful for new immigrants.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Second trip to the US

So... I am going to write about my second trip to US. I was in Falls Church, VA, US during 20-27 November, 2010.  Again I was there to take CPA exams. Hope it is my last trip for a CPA `exam. I have taken last two exams which are “Audit” and “Business, Environment and Concepts”. Honestly, I really tired during the preparation process. And if you add to the preparation “a busy season” in the office which really crashed me. Now let us switch to my trip. Yeah, again it was long trip from Baku to Virginia. But it was better than my last trip in August. This time our fight connection was from London, Heathrow Airport. I was with by former colleague Sohrab. And I was really impressed with this airport. Large, comfortable airport, yes, Heathrow is so... I used to think that Heathrow is the worst airport in the world. However, I should note that it is not. It is obviously better than Frankfurt's airport. Finally after fourteen hours of flight and 6 hours of waiting we arrived to Dulles airport. Sohrab's brother Alasgar met us there. And great thanks to him for everything. He assisted us during our whole trip, drove us and not only. He made my trip really unforgettable. Advised when and where to shop, to eat, hunted for us accommodation. I am really appreciated. With Alasgar’s help I had a chance to look at US style of life. How they eat, how they live, how they drive. The house he rented for us in a silent city, Annan Dale. I was in shock when I saw deer in the backyard of the house. Clean air, cool weather, high trees make this place wonderful place for living. I enjoyed walking in the mornings. The landlord, Ricardo who is living in the basement of the house is also cool Latino guy.
Our exams ended first 4 days our trip and we had a chance to spend some time there. We have also been invited by Alasgar to thanks giving party at his home. Huge turkey was baked for this day. An interesting thing in Alasgar’s apartment is his dog, Luckshee. He is a Siberian husky which has lots of energy. He is hyper active dog, and likes playing with everybody. I had a chance to visit dog park with Alasgar. After 15 minutes of running the dog started playing with me. I should note that not I was playing with the dog, but the dog with me. When I noted this I was running around the dog and he was stimulating me.
After thanks giving party in US they usually have Black Friday, the day when most of shops offer huge discounts. The discounts are effective from 4 am until 1 pm. Therefore, I had a chance to do some shopping for me and not only. I bought 2 suits, 2 shoes for 2 ties for myself. Before visiting the US I bought a net book for me and some jewelery for my spouse from amazon.com. Again, thanks to Alasgar for taking care of my shipments. So, I think it was quite good trip from shopping point of view. 
Taking into account that writing this story took me a half of month, now I know my exam results. Unfortunately, I failed BEC exam. But passed Audit exam. Only one point did not let me to became a CPA. The passing score is 75, my score is 74. I don`t believe my eyes when look at my score, 74.....
After my first trip I asked myself ``do I want to visit the US again?`` and the answer was ``yes``. Now I do ask myself ``do I want to live in the US?`` and again the answer is “yes”. I loved this country. Therefore, I believe that I will love Canadian life, too!!!