Sunday, September 12, 2010

Travelling to Washington, DC

By the way I was on travel to Washington, DC during the period August 21-26, 2010. It was quite difficult travel due to long flights and long break between the flights. I was fighting with Lufthansa. Our plane from Baku took off at 7:15 am to Frankfurt. It was 5 hours flight in Airbus 300. It was comfortable flight with an individual entertainment system for each passenger. We landed in Frankfurt at 9 am and our flight to Washington DC was at 1 pm. So it was 4 long hours of waiting. I was really frustrated with in Frankfurt Airport. I heard that it’s one of the largest airports in airport and was really thinking that the airport should be good. However, it was narrow corridors without any power point, upsetting service. You cannot believe I bought a bottle of water for five dollars. Yeah for five, in fact it was for 2.9 Euros, however when I gave to seller 10 dollars he returned me only five dollars. I asked is it all and he said “yes” it makes 5 dollars. I really felt myself foolish and deceived. So I decided not to spend any cent in this fucking airport. Being deceived the only thing resting for me was waiting… Before entrance to the plane which was Boeing 747 I was thinking that if the flight from Baku to Frankfurt was good, soothe flight from Frankfurt to Washington, DC should be better. However, it wasn’t. The sits were narrow, no separate entertainment system and long queues in front of the lavatories. And I have to flight in such conditions for 8 hours… It was terrible, however great thanks to CPA book on which made my flight shorter. Finally I arrived to Washington, DC at 4 pm on August 21, 2010. Looks like the travel took from me only 7 hours, however, if we take into consideration time difference it makes 16 hours without early arrival to the airport and waiting for US board officer for 1.5 hours. 
Now let’s talk about Washington. First two nights it was difficult for me to change my body’s time zone. I could not sleep in the nights. However, everything established in couple of days. Washington is an administrative city with clean, tidy streets. Let me to describe Washington by pluses and minuses. What I liked: streets which are organized quite practically, people who are free in everything (when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING), parks which quite natural, air which is clean due to trees, chicken salad sandwich which was wonderful. What I dislike pronunciation of black men and women (I discovered that they are not speaking in English at all), foods which consist of mix of many and many cultures.
I want to underline freedom of people. They really feel themselves free. And during working days they look very busy and always hurrying. However, during week-ends you can rarely meet someone in the street. I would like to divide habitants of Washington in three categories: firsts(50%) are working hard, doing sport and look fit and beautiful; seconds (40%) also work hard however, they do not do any sport and they eat more than they need, which makes them fat, they look too big and moving with the difficulty; thirds (10%) are unsuccessful in their life they do not earn money, just begging in the street, talking loud, not respecting anyone, including themselves.

I was really happy when I felt “freedom” also. It was in front of the White House after my last CPA exam, when I decided to spend my free 5 hours just relaxing. I bought my famous chicken sandwich and Pepsi and decided to have my lunch in the park which is located in front of the White House. Sitting on a bench I had my lunch and spent 1.5 hour just looking around. And people lying on the grass attracted my attention. It was a lunch time and people working around took their sandwiches and visited the park to spend their lunch time. They were eating, laughing and chatting. After long thinking I decided to do as they do. I lied on my jacked and backpack. You cannot believe but I was so happy. I was mixed happiness. The exams ended for now, the weather was wonderful, and looking to air made me really happy. I forgot everything and really enjoyed. For me, guy from Azerbaijan it was quite difficult to decide to lie on grass in the city park, when people are around. However, I did it and do not regret.

As a conclusion I can say that I like Washington and I will be glad to visit it again…

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