Sunday, August 8, 2010

How it's started...

So far as I was thinking about immigration to Canada for long time finally I sent my application package to Immigration Services in Sydney, Canada on March 17, 2010. May be I could wait more, but news I got on March 15, 2010 shook me up. Looking through forum regarding immigration to Canada in the site I noted that effective from April 10, 2010 Canadian government is going to change immigration procedures for skilled workers. And under new rules skilled workers will be required to submit EILTS results along with the application package. Currently, EILTS results is not required for the submission of the application package to Sydney. And it should be submitted to the Visa Office (embassy in Ankara) as a second step in the process. Therefore, believing that I can pass the exam in next months I decided to complete the forms and send them immediately to Sydney. Making a long story short I have filled the forms for me and my spouse and sent them to Sydney today at 12:30. Hope I'll remember this time forever. This is a start of new period in my and my family's life. The transition period is started. However, my son (he is 5 months) doesn't feel this for now.
My application has been delivered to the Immigration Office on March 23, 2010 at 15:27. 

As a second step I have sent my full package (application+documents required) to the embassy in Ankara, Turkey on August 5, 2010. Now I am waiting for AOR (Approve of Receipt).
Hope this period will pass smoothly! And our transition to Canadian will end with success. 

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