Sunday, August 8, 2010

How and why?

Most popular question I am being asked regarding my decision to immigrate to Canada is "Why man, why? Why you? You have a self-made career, you are married i.e. you are successful person and you have everything you could desire". May be they are right, however, my decision was not so easy. Taking into account that passing successfully the immigration process and immigrating to Canada I will have to start everything from beginning, I could not make easy deceision on the immigration. But the starting point for me was August 29, 2009 - the day when I have seriously faced with the government authorities due to car accident. It took me lots of nervs (I was really unguilty) and finally I decided that I don't want that me or one of my family members to be in such situation in future. Then all action taken by the authorities started to burn me up and finally I had a nervous break-down. So, at the end I decided that I can not wait any more and I must leave this country as soon as possible. And I don't want to have any relations with the bitchy government authorities any more.
Believe me starting the date (March 15, 2010) I have sent my application package to the CIO in Sydney, Nova Scotia I have never regret about the decision I made. 

This is my little story why I have decided to immigrate... 

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